Reflection of Week 4 and Buzzfeed Listicle

Hello again!! This week was super cool as I learned how to both code in CSS and HTML, which I did not even know existed. I knew of python and Java but I had no idea that there were more languages. I used the computer system called code academy to learn the material. It was very straight forward and easy to comprehend.

We had a couple modules to choose from this week per usual but I was interested in the digital journalism one as I felt like you could take this in many different directions. I chose to create a “listicle”. Buzzfeed is commonly known for creating these for quick life tips to what to talk about on a first date. I chose to give a list or “listicle” 😉 about questions to discuss with a quarentine bussy or partner now that this is all coming to an end. I know personally I actaully used these questions with my quarentine partner because I had a more sour/ annoyed relationship with him. I used these questions to bring some light and smiles back into the relationship as we stride through the end of quarantine, rather than just being in one anothers space. I hope you find them usefull aswell!

I think Buzzfeed has found so much success with these because they discuss current issues that connect with a wide variety of audiences. As I was growing up I almost referred to buzzfeed listicles as a. ig sister giving me cheesy dating advice and just quick information. One thing that is key with a listicle is that they dont have alot of “fluff”, what I mean by that is buzzfeed creates straight lists so they are quick reads and as a reader you gain alot of information from them. That especially is why that are so successfull.

20 Questions to Bring You and Your Quarentine Buddy Closer :)

As the end of COVID-19 quarentine is finally in sight, many people are sick and tired of their significant other or family members that they have been stuck with over the past few months. If you are feeling this way towards one or many of your quarentine partners I recommend sitting down and asking them a couple questions from below to laugh and learn a little more about one another.

  1. Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? Why?
  2. What is too serious to joke about with you?
  3. What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?
  4. What is your greatest accomplishment in your life?
  5. If you could wake up tomorrow with a super power, what would it be?
  6. What is a perfect day for you?
  7. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you want as your guest?
  8. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, which would it be?
  9. Where or what is your oldest memory?
  10. Where do you dream of visiting?
  11. Which celebrity would play you in a movie?
  12. Who is your celebrity crush?
  13. What is the worst nightmare you can remember?
  14. What is your biggest fear?
  15. What is the worst date you have ever been on?
  16. What foods do you hate?
  17. What is the worst nickname you have ever been given?
  18. If you could be an animal what would you be?
  19. What was your worst/ hardest job?
  20. If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?

The Unique Life Of My IPhone

Hello again! This week I made a timeline about my Iphone. It was actually very fun and interesting to look back on all the events that me and my phone have gone through together. I actually started to have a hard time picking out the events that I wanted to use for my timeline. I do think it turned out pretty good though.

I struggled finding pictures of me and my phone together because if I was taking pictures, I would be using phone and I am just not a big picture person. I talked about events all the way from the beggining when I got my phone as a birthday present to the end when I sent it off to a US e-waste incinerator. I also brought up the fact that incinerating e-waste is still a pollutant of the enviornment which at the time I did not realize this but I now know that they best way to get rid of an old device is to find it a new home. Somewhere that someone will use it or atleast a part of it to make something new.

I struggled with the google doc a little bit as the blocks are so small and kind of confusing but I pushed through and got the best content I could. I also had a hard time embedding my timeline and I think I did it right but honsetly am not sure. All in all, I hope you guys had a great week and I recommend you too look back at all the events you and your electronic devices have gone throught together!

Talk to you next week for our last full week of class!!

T/F: COVID-19 came from a woman eating a bat?

This week my fellow group members and I researched the very popular myth that coronavirus came from a chinease woman eating a bat. This myth originated from a video of a chinease woman eating “Bat Soup” and holding a dead bat with her chopsticks. This video blew up and has resuted in alot of hatred towards the chinease community via twitter and other social media forums.

My group did in fact discover that this myth is FALSE, the video that Daily mail and youtube reposted was not only from 2016, but it was not even in Wuhan, China! The video was recorded on an island in the Pacific ocean called Palau. This information shocked me because prior to this assignment I actually thought this myth was true.

This claim has come from overgeneralization as well as people bored in quarentine looking for a good story to go with someone to blame. These claims are dangerous as it may turn into racism or hate towards a minority. We can see the extent of where that can lead in the riots happening today in Minneapolis.

The actual cause of coronavirus has yet to be proven, and people are impatient. They want something to be held accountable for everything the ENTIRE world has gone through making these outrageous myths believable. Through this assignment I saw how dangerous and powerful web literacy is. People will believe just about anything if you can find some sort of support that alligns with their views and gives them satisfaction. They are too lazy to do their own research, they just assume it is true, which honestly I find myself to do sometimes. Especially in todays fast paced world, I dont have time to look up every fact or myth I read, I just trust the author is telling the truth.

Reflection of Week 2

Woohoooo! Another week checked off and onto a nice relaxing weekend. I hope everyone is finding some joy in the weekends as we are finally entering phase 1 and leaving quarantine.

This week I touched on a couple things, YouTube what it is/ where it came from and what different genders watch on the forum. Side note; I had no idea 300 hours of video was uploaded to youtube every minute. I also debunked a popular myth about this COVID-19 virus.

I am starting to get into the rythm of the blogging thing and enjoying it. This week we have alot more to do than last week so it has been a little hectic but I am doing my best to stay on top of things. Let me know what you all think, happy weekend!!

YouTubing: How is fills in my day as well as others based on gender

Happy Thursday, the weekend is just in reach! We are almost there. What better thing to talk about while in quarantine than what people do to fill up their free time. Personally, I love to watch youtube videos. They are so entertaining to me because unlike movies they dont come along with the commitment of 2 hours of your day, the average YouTube video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Which is perfect, it just keeps me intrested to learn what I want to know and then I move on to my next video. This is why milenials absolutley love youtube. They dont get bored with their short attention spans, and there is such a large variety of options with over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.

I also find it interesting to see what other people like watching on youtube. My brothers for instance only use youtibe to learn how to build things like bunk beds, or new car videos. While I watch vlogs of youtubers days or makeup videos and clothing hauls. youtube draws an equal amount of male and femal viewers but the video interests are quite different.

YouTubing: Where it came from and how it knows what YOU want to watch

Happy Tuesday, I hope everyone had a great Memorial day! This week I am choosing to discuss the beautiful platform of YouTube. I honestly dont think I go a single day without watching a YouTube video so this is a perfect module for me.

Youtube was founded in 2005 then quickly took off after that becoming became a top social media forum. So much that only one year later Time Magazine actually named “You” the 2006 person of the year. Wowza! Today youtube provides endless entertainment. With tons of videos on any topic you can think of and more added daily. The youtube forum is always changing or evolving to what people are interested in each and every day.

YouTube also has an internal system that tracks your watch history to see what you are interested in or the types of videos that you click on the most. They then take this information and hinder your recommended list of videos away from the most popular videos on youtube, to what videos compliment your interests.

What a week!

Week one has finally come to an end! Woooo!! I hope everyone has had a great week in these weird Corona Virus times. I sure have been busy due to the fact that I am taking 2 classes this summer “minimester”. It is crazy how 1/5th of this class is already under my belt. This week I struggled with creating my domain and installing wordpress but I think I have figured it. It is cool that I can say that I have my own website now, if anyone has any tips on how to improve it please let me know.

This week I also learned alot of cool facts that I did not know about GIF’s. I had no idea that they were already 30 years old! Crazy!! I definitely apreciate the art of the animated GIF more now that I know how hard and complex it can be to create them.

In conclusion week one was definitley a success and I am looking forward to next week!! Just so you can put a voice to the face/ compter screen here is a virtual tour of my blog!

The Beauty Of The Animated Gif

In my last post I briefly touched on how GIF’s began as art and how I had felt they had evolved away from that, but after creating my own GIF and learning more of the history/ development of a GIF I see them as so much more. I had not realized that someone can go in and code pixel by pixel of an image to create a GIF. I also found it absolutley incredible how far the actual task of creating a GIF has come. What I mean by that is how much harder it used to be to create one compared to now. In todays technological day and age is takes no more then 10 minutes to create a GIF. Where as before it was a very extensive and tedeous process.

On another note, I think that how quickly the GIF idea took off speaks for itself. Having thousands of gives in 10 years is incredible!! Especially that the idea still has not died out. Most ideas or even apps have their time to shine and then people get tired of them. With GIF things are always changing and new pictures are being added all the time. Which I also did not know someone could do! If you havent seen my GIF already you totally should check it out. It is tagged as “#Friday” and is a video of my boyfriend dancing with some serious footwork. 🙂


As I mentioned in my last blog post I will be focusing on the art of the animated gif for my digitial studies class this summer. The animated GIF is about 30 years old and was created back in 1997. The 1st GIF is what is pictured below! It was put out to the public by the MTAA and is meant to show that the main core of art is comminucation. I was shocked when I read this as I have never really thought of a GIF as a type of art but more so as a joke or a reaction to something. Which is what I see the GIF mostly used for these days, but as I am learnng more I am realizing the GIF is more than just a quick “one liner”. The GIF blew up immediatly from only 1 in 1997 to thousands in 2008 and used on all social media forums including text/imessage.

Now, you may be asking yourself why does all of this matter?

GIFS are EVERYWHERE and as technology continues to advance (especially as things are going virtual due to the Corona Virus) companies are beginning to create sales GIFS to get their name out in the world. Meaning that having the ability/ knowledge to create a good GIF could open up a door to a future job in a big name brand company like Nike.

How To Create a Gif?

Today there are many different forums to create a GIF that are fairly simple! An examply is Giphy. You can create a GIF out of a picture or a video that is under 20 seconds.

Here are step by step instructions I found to make my GIF!!

  1. Select photo or video you would like to use
  2. Edit start time or duration (especially if you used a video)
  3. Add caption if you would like
  4. Add tags, source URL, and privacy settings
  5. Hit create GIF and share your creation!