As I mentioned in my last blog post I will be focusing on the art of the animated gif for my digitial studies class this summer. The animated GIF is about 30 years old and was created back in 1997. The 1st GIF is what is pictured below! It was put out to the public by the MTAA and is meant to show that the main core of art is comminucation. I was shocked when I read this as I have never really thought of a GIF as a type of art but more so as a joke or a reaction to something. Which is what I see the GIF mostly used for these days, but as I am learnng more I am realizing the GIF is more than just a quick “one liner”. The GIF blew up immediatly from only 1 in 1997 to thousands in 2008 and used on all social media forums including text/imessage.

Now, you may be asking yourself why does all of this matter?

GIFS are EVERYWHERE and as technology continues to advance (especially as things are going virtual due to the Corona Virus) companies are beginning to create sales GIFS to get their name out in the world. Meaning that having the ability/ knowledge to create a good GIF could open up a door to a future job in a big name brand company like Nike.

How To Create a Gif?

Today there are many different forums to create a GIF that are fairly simple! An examply is Giphy. You can create a GIF out of a picture or a video that is under 20 seconds.

Here are step by step instructions I found to make my GIF!!

  1. Select photo or video you would like to use
  2. Edit start time or duration (especially if you used a video)
  3. Add caption if you would like
  4. Add tags, source URL, and privacy settings
  5. Hit create GIF and share your creation!