Navy Coaching Staff Reinstated

After the frustrating loss on Staurday 9/11 there were some immediate changes to the coaching staff such as the firing of Offensive coordinator Ivan Jasper as the players and coaches were leaving the stadium. This change came along with alot of back lash as Ivan had not been calling plays for most of the recent games up until Saturdays competition. Ivan was calling the plays in the Airforce vs Navy game on 9/11.

Following the termination of Ivan Jasper, the offensive line coach took it into his own hands and quit Monday morning. This resulted in a re-evaluation of Ivan Jaspers position and opened up several conversations evaluating the standings of the administration behind Navy Football. As of now all of the coaches have been reinstated and players are reporting that it feels like nothing had happened. Mondays practice following the loss was back to normal and the coaching staff didnt seem to skip a beat.

Creator: Patrick Smith | Credit: Getty Images