Reflection of Week 4 and Buzzfeed Listicle

Hello again!! This week was super cool as I learned how to both code in CSS and HTML, which I did not even know existed. I knew of python and Java but I had no idea that there were more languages. I used the computer system called code academy to learn the material. It was very straight forward and easy to comprehend.

We had a couple modules to choose from this week per usual but I was interested in the digital journalism one as I felt like you could take this in many different directions. I chose to create a “listicle”. Buzzfeed is commonly known for creating these for quick life tips to what to talk about on a first date. I chose to give a list or “listicle” 😉 about questions to discuss with a quarentine bussy or partner now that this is all coming to an end. I know personally I actaully used these questions with my quarentine partner because I had a more sour/ annoyed relationship with him. I used these questions to bring some light and smiles back into the relationship as we stride through the end of quarantine, rather than just being in one anothers space. I hope you find them usefull aswell!

I think Buzzfeed has found so much success with these because they discuss current issues that connect with a wide variety of audiences. As I was growing up I almost referred to buzzfeed listicles as a. ig sister giving me cheesy dating advice and just quick information. One thing that is key with a listicle is that they dont have alot of “fluff”, what I mean by that is buzzfeed creates straight lists so they are quick reads and as a reader you gain alot of information from them. That especially is why that are so successfull.