T/F: COVID-19 came from a woman eating a bat?

This week my fellow group members and I researched the very popular myth that coronavirus came from a chinease woman eating a bat. This myth originated from a video of a chinease woman eating “Bat Soup” and holding a dead bat with her chopsticks. This video blew up and has resuted in alot of hatred towards the chinease community via twitter and other social media forums.

My group did in fact discover that this myth is FALSE, the video that Daily mail and youtube reposted was not only from 2016, but it was not even in Wuhan, China! The video was recorded on an island in the Pacific ocean called Palau. This information shocked me because prior to this assignment I actually thought this myth was true.

This claim has come from overgeneralization as well as people bored in quarentine looking for a good story to go with someone to blame. These claims are dangerous as it may turn into racism or hate towards a minority. We can see the extent of where that can lead in the riots happening today in Minneapolis.

The actual cause of coronavirus has yet to be proven, and people are impatient. They want something to be held accountable for everything the ENTIRE world has gone through making these outrageous myths believable. Through this assignment I saw how dangerous and powerful web literacy is. People will believe just about anything if you can find some sort of support that alligns with their views and gives them satisfaction. They are too lazy to do their own research, they just assume it is true, which honestly I find myself to do sometimes. Especially in todays fast paced world, I dont have time to look up every fact or myth I read, I just trust the author is telling the truth.