The Beauty Of The Animated Gif

In my last post I briefly touched on how GIF’s began as art and how I had felt they had evolved away from that, but after creating my own GIF and learning more of the history/ development of a GIF I see them as so much more. I had not realized that someone can go in and code pixel by pixel of an image to create a GIF. I also found it absolutley incredible how far the actual task of creating a GIF has come. What I mean by that is how much harder it used to be to create one compared to now. In todays technological day and age is takes no more then 10 minutes to create a GIF. Where as before it was a very extensive and tedeous process.

On another note, I think that how quickly the GIF idea took off speaks for itself. Having thousands of gives in 10 years is incredible!! Especially that the idea still has not died out. Most ideas or even apps have their time to shine and then people get tired of them. With GIF things are always changing and new pictures are being added all the time. Which I also did not know someone could do! If you havent seen my GIF already you totally should check it out. It is tagged as “#Friday” and is a video of my boyfriend dancing with some serious footwork. 🙂