What a week!

Week one has finally come to an end! Woooo!! I hope everyone has had a great week in these weird Corona Virus times. I sure have been busy due to the fact that I am taking 2 classes this summer “minimester”. It is crazy how 1/5th of this class is already under my belt. This week I struggled with creating my domain and installing wordpress but I think I have figured it. It is cool that I can say that I have my own website now, if anyone has any tips on how to improve it please let me know.

This week I also learned alot of cool facts that I did not know about GIF’s. I had no idea that they were already 30 years old! Crazy!! I definitely apreciate the art of the animated GIF more now that I know how hard and complex it can be to create them.

In conclusion week one was definitley a success and I am looking forward to next week!! Just so you can put a voice to the face/ compter screen here is a virtual tour of my blog!