YouTubing: How is fills in my day as well as others based on gender

Happy Thursday, the weekend is just in reach! We are almost there. What better thing to talk about while in quarantine than what people do to fill up their free time. Personally, I love to watch youtube videos. They are so entertaining to me because unlike movies they dont come along with the commitment of 2 hours of your day, the average YouTube video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Which is perfect, it just keeps me intrested to learn what I want to know and then I move on to my next video. This is why milenials absolutley love youtube. They dont get bored with their short attention spans, and there is such a large variety of options with over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.

I also find it interesting to see what other people like watching on youtube. My brothers for instance only use youtibe to learn how to build things like bunk beds, or new car videos. While I watch vlogs of youtubers days or makeup videos and clothing hauls. youtube draws an equal amount of male and femal viewers but the video interests are quite different.