YouTubing: Where it came from and how it knows what YOU want to watch

Happy Tuesday, I hope everyone had a great Memorial day! This week I am choosing to discuss the beautiful platform of YouTube. I honestly dont think I go a single day without watching a YouTube video so this is a perfect module for me.

Youtube was founded in 2005 then quickly took off after that becoming became a top social media forum. So much that only one year later Time Magazine actually named “You” the 2006 person of the year. Wowza! Today youtube provides endless entertainment. With tons of videos on any topic you can think of and more added daily. The youtube forum is always changing or evolving to what people are interested in each and every day.

YouTube also has an internal system that tracks your watch history to see what you are interested in or the types of videos that you click on the most. They then take this information and hinder your recommended list of videos away from the most popular videos on youtube, to what videos compliment your interests.