The Unique Life Of My IPhone

Hello again! This week I made a timeline about my Iphone. It was actually very fun and interesting to look back on all the events that me and my phone have gone through together. I actually started to have a hard time picking out the events that I wanted to use for my timeline. I do think it turned out pretty good though.

I struggled finding pictures of me and my phone together because if I was taking pictures, I would be using phone and I am just not a big picture person. I talked about events all the way from the beggining when I got my phone as a birthday present to the end when I sent it off to a US e-waste incinerator. I also brought up the fact that incinerating e-waste is still a pollutant of the enviornment which at the time I did not realize this but I now know that they best way to get rid of an old device is to find it a new home. Somewhere that someone will use it or atleast a part of it to make something new.

I struggled with the google doc a little bit as the blocks are so small and kind of confusing but I pushed through and got the best content I could. I also had a hard time embedding my timeline and I think I did it right but honsetly am not sure. All in all, I hope you guys had a great week and I recommend you too look back at all the events you and your electronic devices have gone throught together!

Talk to you next week for our last full week of class!!